A bit of a break

For several reasons only a few hours were spent in the garage over the last couple of weeks. Mainly, it took me a bit to recover from a bad cold. The roll-over jig for the MGB as well as the rear-axle still needed some welding. Maggie – my 1967 MGB GT – required her annual full service before I took her to the first team meeting at work on quite a while. Unfortunately, Maggie is also showing some first signs of rust which need to be taken car off soon. Nevertheless, the trip to the Mosel and back through the Eifel was simply fabulous – if you get the chance to back the back roads from Burg Eltz via the L110 & L 82 to Mayen – then via the L83 to Castle Bürresheim onto the L10 to Langenfeld – DO SO!!! This is what the MGB was built for.

In the meantime – Mildred, the current MGB GT project – got her own space as I was able to also rent another garage next to mine. Further health issues prevented me from doing much more – but cleaning a pair of HIF4 and HS4 carbs was something I could easily do at home.

With a bit of luck, I will get the Morgan rear axle back pretty much exactly one year to the day when it was overhauled the first time.

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