MGB suspension cont.

It takes a while to recover from a “men’s flu”. My wife kindly cooked a chicken-noodle-soup for me earlier this week – evidence that it was quite bad, right?! Well, tonight I was eager to get some stuff done again. After not having been to the garage for an entire week – several smaller odd tasks accumulated. During my workday I already cleaned up my desk. While I was it was tolerated that I seized the porch table – but now I had to move the more or less finished front suspension inside.

I did not bother to put the springs in just yet. For one – the entire assembly is heavy enough without the springs already. Secondly – compressing the coils here at home isn’t an option. Thirdly – I might redo the Armstrong stock absorbers in the next couple month. These are overhauled units from – acceptable but the finish could be nicer. What needs to be tackled soon is the storage organization issue. The garage is dusty as hell from the paint removal and I don’t have the space there right now. A solution to both problems will be available from Oct 1st. So, it looks like my desk will stay the was it is right now for a few days.

After some clean-up in the garage, I took another look at the rear axle. The Crownwheel and pinion look OK – but if look closely at the gears on the two pictures below – you can see that the thrust washers are completely gone. There is significant play (check upper gear on left and right picture) – causing the famous “clunk”. While I already assisted fixing this on another axle before – it will be the first time that I will do it completely on my own. Fingers crossed…
But this must wait a bit – the thrust washers haven’t arrived yet. Tomorrow, new pins for the axle catch straps need to be welded to the axle. And hopefully the roll-over-jig welding will be completed as well.

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