MGB front suspension

The day started early with a Covid self-test. For the first time in 2 years, I got a sore throat, pain in the limbs and a bit of fever. Even though I am fully vaccinated – I though the test is a good idea, and the result was negative. This means I have the “men’s flu” – and a loving, understand wife that takes care of me. not šŸ˜‰

After my home-office working day, which translates into just under 8 hours of Teams calls – I had no energy left for the garage. So instead, I took all the parts for the MGB suspension I brought with me from the UK this week outside to the porch table. As you can see, I did protect the wooden table thoroughly – so my better half won’t be mad at me. Initially, I felt like just doing a quick test fit to see if I have all parts, screws, nuts, washers and so on. But….
… the refurbished and powder coated crossmember (which was a good deal for 145GBP plus transport) is not as perfect as I would have hoped. It was sandblasted and cleaned inside – but it lacked coating. Not a big deal – I just wished they would have straightened the steering mount bracket before coating.

I taped up all holes and poured in some Hammerit paint I had at hand. Then I turned it on each side for 2 minutes and repeated this process a couple time. Tomorrow, when the paint is dry, I will check this inside again. Next, I took the refurbished stub-axles I got from apart. The main reason I got those is because they were cheaper than the new kingpin set + reaming. If you do the same – make sure to clean and check them thoroughly. The grease nipples were loosely screwed onto the dirt from the reaming process.

They also just had a thin coat of paint – that had to be corrected as well. One thing that puzzles me is the correct position for the thrust washer. On one stub-axles I had first the washer – followed by two shims. The other was exactly the other way round. The old ones had the washer sandwiched between the shims. This is also the way the Moss-Europe diagram looks like. I need to look this up in the workshop manual tomorrow ..

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