Roll-over jig progress

Seriously – if you are going to restore a car and need a roll-over jig: Buy the one from ADE Foreman Light Engineering or similar. It is all too easy to underestimate the time and tools it takes to build your own. 3 evenings and the better part of the weekend went into my jig. The result is quite OK and I sure it will do the job. However, cutting the brackets with a plasma cutter and flex, bending it and drilling over 200 holes (5mm pilot hole and 10,5mm final) into 3 and 4mm black steel really takes a few hours.

Any even though I tried super hard to be precise – I sometimes went less than 0,5mm off with the drill point. Enough to having to correct a few holes that did not align perfectly. Anyhow – the two bases are finished. I am not sure if I will put a bit of paint on – the steel is oiled and quite thick – it won’t rust too quickly. The pivots (from two old shock absorbers) will be welded in at the paint-shop hopefully until the end of the week. Tomorrow I will drop off the Morgan’s rear axle in the UK. Not sure how long it will take to diagnose and hopefully fix it.

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