Make or Buy?

For the next phase in my MGB GT (aka Mildred) project I need/want a roll-over jig. A couple of weeks ago someone offered me his used self-build jig for under 300€. In hindsight it was stupid not to buy it immediately. Now it is sold to somebody else. The cheapest new one I could find in Germany so far is the HMD Drehgestell. The downside is that it costs almost 600€ in the basic variant. A few other jigs sold in Germany have fancy features, but often costs up to 1000€ and more.

It seems that in the UK roll-over jigs are more commonly bought by hobbyist like myself. At least the RolloverJigs website and ADE ForemanLight Solution are easy to find. Both jigs are build in the UK. Before Brexit I would have ordered there without hesitating. But now – EU customers need to do an inquiry at at Rolloverjigs – and my request didn’t even get answered. In addition import charges and shipping costs of my preferred solution from ADE are simply insane. It would be still less expensive that the HMD version above – but close to 500€. With the negative customs experiences over the last couple month this is a definite no-go.

There are a number of instructions and good DIY solutions out there. And instead of the BUY decision I opted in for MAKE. There are various ways to build a roll-over jig – I will stick close to the ADE design. I like that it is a bolted rather than welded solution – so I can take it apart and store it easily later one. Steel prices are quite high right now but the material cost will be in the range of the ADE jig without tax and shipping.

The project starts by cutting up 12 meter of 50x50x3 square steel-tubing. I eyeballed the measurements from the ADE jig, did a sketch and calculated my cuts. Stefan (the owner of the local paint and body shop) allowed me to use his workshop. This was a huge benefit and it only took 2 hours to cut and drill the material. With my tools it would habe taken significantly longer. Two old shock Absorber will be recycled and act as pivot. Welding will be done in the next couple days and I hope I will be able to complete the jig next week after I return from the UK. The plan is to drop off the Morgan rear-axle at JB-Engineering and then visit my son (who has been collecting some spare parts for me 🙂

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