Riding a Dead Horse?!

As we all know - there are many ways to still ride a Dead Horse. One of them is to get the Dead Horse a website - which I clearly did with this blog. Another way to keep confessing boldly to everyone else that the horse is still alive. Check! I have done this as... Continue Reading →

A bit of a break

For several reasons only a few hours were spent in the garage over the last couple of weeks. Mainly, it took me a bit to recover from a bad cold. The roll-over jig for the MGB as well as the rear-axle still needed some welding. Maggie - my 1967 MGB GT - required her annual... Continue Reading →

MGB suspension cont.

It takes a while to recover from a "men's flu". My wife kindly cooked a chicken-noodle-soup for me earlier this week - evidence that it was quite bad, right?! Well, tonight I was eager to get some stuff done again. After not having been to the garage for an entire week - several smaller odd... Continue Reading →

MGB front suspension

The day started early with a Covid self-test. For the first time in 2 years, I got a sore throat, pain in the limbs and a bit of fever. Even though I am fully vaccinated - I though the test is a good idea, and the result was negative. This means I have the "men's... Continue Reading →

Mixed (suspension) pickles

Back at home from the UK with 1000+ miles on the road and 35000 steps in two days. I am glad that one of my daughters joined me in on this long trip. We combined visiting my son (who studies in the UK) and dropping my Morgan's broken Salisbury 7HA rear axle at JB-Engineering in... Continue Reading →

Roll-over jig progress

Seriously - if you are going to restore a car and need a roll-over jig: Buy the one from ADE Foreman Light Engineering or similar. It is all too easy to underestimate the time and tools it takes to build your own. 3 evenings and the better part of the weekend went into my jig.... Continue Reading →

Make or Buy?

For the next phase in my MGB GT (aka Mildred) project I need/want a roll-over jig. A couple of weeks ago someone offered me his used self-build jig for under 300€. In hindsight it was stupid not to buy it immediately. Now it is sold to somebody else. The cheapest new one I could find... Continue Reading →

Ghost of a shell

As there is nothing, I can do about the Morgan right now, my evenings are now dedicated to the 1973 MGB GT aka Mildred. Clearly: I don't have enough and responsive readers/followers on my blog 🙂 Back in May I posted the question if I should buy this rusted piece of metal. Maybe a wise... Continue Reading →

August Update

It has been a while since my last post. A draft announcement for the completion was already ready. But the truth is - a major "f&$k up" occurred and it is my own fault. The already happened last month - it just took me a while to digest it all and make it "public" here.... Continue Reading →

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