A monster of a drawer cupboard

A couple days I had to buy some small parts for the Morgan wiring loom (which is a topic for another post). Conrad Electronic is shutting down all their shops and will sell online only in the future. When I saw that they also sell their furniture - I didn't hesitate to buy a huge... Continue Reading →

An A-post in the post post

With high hopes that the works on MGB bodyshell will start this September, I wanted to ensure that at least the panels we already identified for replacement are at hand when start. A trip to the UK in August to pick them up was unfortunately out of scope right now. In Germany Bastuck seemed to... Continue Reading →

Panel shopping – but where to buy?

After we inspected the 1970 MGB GT bodyshell (aka Project Molly) last weekend, I went through the list of panels I already bought and wanted to order what's missing.This is what I already bought over the last few month: 3 PIECE SILL KIT OUTER SILL, INNER SILL & CASTLE SECTION - Right HandPIECE SILL KIT... Continue Reading →

Patience required

The weekend started with a bit of research on LED lights for classic cars. A while ago I switched to LED headlights on the Mini. First, I had the Apollo bulbs from Steveston Motor Company. LED headlights make a huge difference in the dark compared to the standard H4 bulbs and certainly add security. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →


Not in my most daring dream I would have thought that I spent a few hours this week with Rick Astley. But I am not talking about the English singer and songwriter. Nope. Even though the first lines of one his songs pretty much sum up my week: I walk the wire every nightI can't decide... Continue Reading →

Wireless Sunday

the Morgan is "wireless" and off the road again. At least for a few days as I completely removed the loom and fuse box again. Frankly, this task wasn't something I was looking forward to, but I am glad that I did it anyway. And a number of little things I did during assembly made... Continue Reading →

If you can’t stand the heat…

well, I couldn't. At least not today. So, I got of the kitchen and didn't follow my plan for the day - which was to remove the wiring harness from the Morgan again. Instead, I did a bunch of odd jobs which required less concentration - it was just too hot today. The first task... Continue Reading →

a step in the right direction

Finally, the Morgan is on the road again. After the catastrophic rear axle failure on July 31st, 2021 - I was able to do a first test drive with the repaired rear axle yesterday. But there still is enough work to be done. The new brake line went in easily. For my first attempt crafting... Continue Reading →

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